Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is one of the most popular and creative ways to begin a journey in film making. This two hour workshop will give you the tools and skills you need to create fun and successful short films using a variety of media. All materials will be provided, all you need to bring is your imagination. New projects in each session, so this class may be repeated.

We use a free program in class that you can download to your tablet at home and continue creating. Ages 10+-younger with a strong interest considered. Tuition: $20

​Creating Comic Strips

Students will be given firsthand knowledge and practical experience in creating and developing their own world and visual language for all to enjoy! Students of all experience levels are welcome! Ages 10+  Tuition: $20

LabSpace is a place where kids can explore with the guidance of top teachers who are excited to be working with them.   Whether it's robotics, video game design,  programming, stop-motion animation or digital comic design, we seek out top teachers who love what they do and love working with children.

Need help deciding on a class? We're happy to help you choose the best class for you child - (573) 645-0800. 

Engineering Labs and Maker Camps are opportunities for hands-on building and exploring how things work.  

At one class, students might discover how to use a rubber band to propel a car, another might focus on designing and building a marshmallow launcher, still another might explore the sensors available on smart phones using the Google Science Journal App.

Many of the classes will have a project that students can take home.  Our goal is for students learn how things work with everyday materials so they can continue exploring at home.

Engineering Labs usually meet 4 weeks in a row for 50-minutes.  Maker Camps are usually 1 meeting from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  The age range and cost will depend upon the projects.

Robot Lab - Grades 2-4

LabSpace Robotics

Engineering Lab (grades 1+)

​Maker Camps

Maker Camps

Students will learn to design and program their own 2-D video games using The Games Factory 2, an inexpensive game design program. Level one begins with understanding If-Then statements and how to use them to create a game. While the program provides an easy entry point for game design, students can continue to study and learn about variables, arrays, and more.   They will be able to continue making new games at home.  In addition to learning about game design, many basic computer skills will be covered in the class.



Welcome to the amazing world of hand drawn animation! In this two hour workshop you will learn the basics of animation (both traditional hand drawn animation and digital) and create your own short animation. If you have a passion for cartoons and want to get started or just curious about the fascinating work that goes into animation this workshop will be a great starting point! New projects in each session.  Ages 10+  Tuition: $20

Digital Illustration

 Do you love to draw or doodle? Learn the in’s and out’s of the fantastic variety of artworks that digital illustration can offer. Students will learn the foundations to create digital artwork and apply that to their own creative expressions. The class has tips and approaches for the beginner or advanced illustrator, all that is needed is a passion to learn!  Ages 10+ Tuition: $20

Art/Tech Classes

Robot Lab - Grades 3+

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A fun, step-by-step introduction to robotics using Lego Mindstorms. No previous experience is required. Classes are generally 60 minutes long and meet 4 times. This class is recommended for grades 4+, although 3rd graders with a strong desire are usually successful.

Students learn how to make robots respond to the environment using light, sound, touch and ultrasonic sensors. 

Robots are programmed using an icon-based programming language that lets them quickly get their robots moving, while giving them a good foundation for how programming languages work.

 In level 1, students master the control of motors and get an introduction to sensors.  In level 2, sensors and the information they can provide are studied in more depth and variables are introduced.  

Following level 2, we offer several challenges a year that explore different building and programming techniques.Past challenges have included Robot Bowling and Robot Basketball.  Students many work on those challenges on their own, or as a part of a class or robot club. Schools and community groups are welcome at robot challenges.

Maker Camps are 1 session classes that encourage hands-on explorations.  Past Maker Camps have included: LED Origami Bookmarks, stomp rockets, propeller powered cars, musical instruments, pneumatic cranes, and more.  

Families are always welcome and encouraged to stay and build together.  Because each is a stand-alone class, you can sign up for those that interest you most and fit into your schedule.

Tuition varies depending on the materials and labor costs for each class.

Game Design Basics (ages 9+)

Robot Lab for grades 2-4 focuses on engineering vocabulary and the structure of programming. Classes are 50-minutes long and meet for for weeks in a row. Tuition is $45.

We'll build a new Lego model in every class and then experiment to see what happens when a different size gear is substituted or a belt that links two pulleys is crossed. 

Motion and tilt sensors will be incorporated into some projects.  For instance, a motion sensor is built into the hungry alligators mouth and students program the alligator to wait with it's mouth open until something is in the mouth. 

Students quickly develop a feel for the sequential nature of programming. There are three levels of this class.  Level 1 should be taken first, but levels 2 and 3 may be taken in any order.